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Answer legal questions and stand out among the rest. is your go-to destination for simplified legal solutions! As India’s premier platform for legal advice and lawyer searches, we connect you with top-notch lawyers seamlessly. Our user-friendly online marketplace offers a one-stop solution to ask, answer, and discuss legal queries. Stay updated with legal news and updates – because legal clarity should be accessible to everyone! is not a law firm. It’s a neutral and transparent legal tech platform that links our network of top-notch lawyers with business clients. We don’t directly handle or engage in any client matters at

By using, the lawyers on our platform don’t advertise or actively seek business from potential clients. What sets apart is that clients post their queries or present their cases on our platform in search of lawyers. Ultimately, it’s the client who decides which lawyer to engage.

Well, it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1. The user seeking legal assistance searches and selects a lawyer based on their specific needs. Users can search by specialization, city, or court name on
2. The user fills out the “contact lawyer” form on the lawyer’s profile page.
We share the lawyer’s contact details with the user and the user’s contact details with the lawyer through the Partner App.

Our registered lawyers at enjoy exclusive access to queries and cases posted on our platform by the public. This could potentially lead to a formal engagement with the client! Registered lawyers can also respond to questions from the public, gaining ratings and reviews in the process. If you’re a registered lawyer, you can expect greater exposure through than if you opt to remain anonymous.

If you’re not registered with us, you’ll have access to the free content on our platform, including some of our legal news and updates. However, you won’t be able to search for potential clients or engage with client users on our website.

No, does not direct individuals to a specific lawyer. Clients have the freedom to select the lawyer they wish to consult for their legal needs from the pool of all participating lawyers available on our platform.

If you are a practicing lawyer currently registered with the Bar Council of India, you are eligible to sign up with To do so, simply complete the form on this page and specify one or more of the following practice areas in your profile:

Child Custody

1. To register, simply complete the form on this page.
2. Fill in all the necessary details accurately.
3. Your profile will be activated once you have submitted the complete form.

No. There is no cost to join and no monthly subscription.

If you can’t find your profile on, please ensure that your name is spelled correctly. If you still can’t locate your profile, it’s possible that our team of experts at is currently reviewing and moderating your profile.

Here are some things you should make sure to include on your profile:

Work Experience: Highlight your legal-related work since graduating from law school, specifying the type of work and the number of years you’ve practiced. This can encompass leadership roles in legal associations, such as your state bar.

Legal Associations: Showcase your involvement in professional legal communities. This indicates your dedication to your legal practice and ongoing improvement as an attorney.

Complete Your Profile: Ensure your profile is fully filled out, providing comprehensive and accurate information about your credentials and experience.

Keep it Updated: Regularly update your profile to reflect changes in laws and showcase your current accomplishments, demonstrating that you stay abreast of legal developments.

No. You may choose to offer all, a few, or just one of the services—it’s entirely up to you. You can change your selections at any time if a service isn’t benefiting your practice.

Yes. Your profile is only suggested to potential clients who are looking for legal help in your geographical area.

The lawyers themselves decide the fee they charge for the legal services provided by them.

No. You can opt-out of services at any time if they’re not benefiting your practice. Simply email us at if you wish to deactivate your profile.